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Best Car Wash Tools at Reasonable Price

Looking for a simple and effective portable car wash tool or equipment system at best prices? Then you have landed in the right place. Our car wash equipment is very efficient to clean your cars quickly by saving your cost and manpower. Find the best-suited car wash product for your needs in a single portable trolley at Dhyan within your budget. Our car wash equipment is the industry benchmark for long-term success and provides proven performance for customers around the globe.

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  • DHYAN Hand Trolleys
    We provide Custom designed and portable trolley
  • Nature Friendly
    Ours is eco-friendly car wash system to the environment
  • Waterless car wash
    Reduce and save metric tons of water during car wash
  • Innovative Concept
    We are quick car cleaning services to restore the look of your vehicle
Our Product

Car Cleaning Products

Car Washing Trolley

Portable Or Mobile Car Wash System

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Car Shampoo

Environment Friendly Chemicals And Skin Friendly

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Micro fibre cloth

Effective Water Absorbing Cloth

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Tyre Polish

Remarkable Luster And A Better Shelf-life

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External Duster

Durable Synthetic Based Duster

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Chamois Cleaning Cloth

Perfect Solution For Cleaning Liquids

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  • Organic cleaning
    Instead of using chemical products use Dhyan eco-friendly Dhyan products
  • Tailor Made Products
    Our car wash product is designed to meet your individual needs.
  • Reduced Water Wastage
    It will reduces gallons of water during car your wash

What our clients say

They did a fantastic job!  I would highly recommend this company.


Fast, friendly, and clean. Best car wash around!


Perfect Car Wash in 4 Steps

The cleaning trolley of Dhyan is very simple, portable and also durable. It takes only a maximum of 20 minutes to clean your car. Below are the few steps for cleaning the car with procedure.

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